Nelson Mandela loved tea. In fact, it was the first thing that he did when he was released from prison was have a cup of tea. Then, refreshed and revitalised, he went to address the nation.

His granddaughter, Zaziwe Manaway, fondly remembers her grandfather’s passion for tea. “In the morning it was the first thing sent up to his room, it was the last thing he had before he went to sleep,” she says.

So, when looking to partner with businesses that are striving to keep the legacy of Nelson Mandela alive, Zaziwe’s Long Walk To Freedom brand loved that there was an opportunity to combine two things that Nelson Mandela loved: tea and education.

Partnering with the right people was important and the Cape Tea Company was a perfect match.
Producing 100% Organic Rooibos, Honeybush, and Buchu teas, the company is committed to creating employment and working the land, as well as giving back to the community.

The natural health-giving properties of these teas are something that the Long Walk To Freedom brand is proud to be associated with. Honeybush tea helps to stabilise the blood sugar levels and has anti-carcinogenic properties. Rooibos helps with digestive problems and dermatological conditions, and Buchu has antibacterial, antifungal and antispasmodic properties, as well as being a potent anti-inflammatory.

A portion of the Mandela Tea profits goes to the Mandela Day School Library Project, which provides books and literacy resources in underprivileged and marginalised communities in South Africa. The Cape Tea Company also works with NPOs in Cape Town and has supported an initiative which saw a new kindergarten built in Oliboom Township in Phillipi. The kindergarten now provides a vital service to give the township’s children in preparing them for school.

Together, the mission is to help realise Madiba’s vision of a South Africa; where employment, health and education are in the hands of everybody. Inspired by this powerful partnership? Browse the full range of teas here.

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