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Nelson Mandela’s spirit is deeply intertwined with South Africa’s international identity. To the world, he is an icon; but to South Africans he is our beloved Madiba. He represents the best parts of what we can identify in ourselves courage, a strong will, and, above all, a warmth and understanding of the human spirit.

Madiba’s commitment to reconciliation in this country, his grace and energy, and his compassion have for decades been an inspiration to those who work for a better world. For everyone, his death is a great loss. But, although he is no longer with us, his lessons continue to inspire and elevate us.

In 1996, while attending a Youth Day (16 June) rally, Madiba ended his speech to the young people with these words: ‘The future is in your hands. Build it through hard work today.’  Young people are, indeed, the future. And that’s the reason the Cape Tea Co donates a percentage of its profits from Mandela Tea to the Nelson Mandela School Library Project. Nelson Mandela was a champion of reading and literacy, with good reason, for children raised in homes with books are more likely to graduate from school and university than those who have no access to literature.

We too are committed to the promotion and improvement of education in South Africa, equal opportunities for personal empowerment, and the chance for those who benefit to pass on this gift to others. So, with every box of Mandela Tea you purchase, you’re giving the gift of reading, and contributing to a future in which children and adults are educated, individual strengths are encouraged, and we as South Africans move ahead together.

Spend time reading to your children – they’ll thank you for it!

The list of worthy causes in South Africa is lengthy. Which aspect of our society would you like to help improve? Search the internet to locate organisations that support the causes close to your heart (do check their credentials, though). Charities supported by the Cape Tea Co include, and Feel free to promote your chosen charity on our page. We’d love to hear about the causes you support.


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