With Mandela Day fast approaching many people are thinking of ways to honour the memory of Madiba by contributing towards initiatives that help make positive change in our communities.

This year Cape Tea Co is backing African Sunrise’s Mandela Day Event at Heatherdale Children’s Home, which is located in Athlone, Cape Town.

African Sunrise are raising funds so that every child gets a gift of a jersey, they’re creating a fun day with fun activities, and they’re providing food for the children.

Their aim is to create a special day for some of the most vulnerable children in Cape Town, where everyone comes together to not only provide the children with a well-deserved day of fun and a gift to keep, but to also raise awareness for this essential safe home.

Heatherdale and its staff commit their lives to the safety and well-being of some of Cape Town’s most vulnerable children, providing food, care and love every day.

We hope that by donating towards their initiative that the children of Heatherdale will have a day that they remember for years to come, and one day, they too can help others in need, creating a cycle of positivity.

Please join us to help raise funds for this amazing initiative by donating via the details below. Please also share this initiative on your social media pages, and help raise awareness for Heatherdale Children’s Home.



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