How Mandela Tea Gives Back

Mandela Tea: Our Children are the Future

Here at Cape Tea Co, we stand fully behind Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon…you can use to change the world.’

Education is considered a basic human right that should be accessible to everyone. Sadly, not all South Africans have such access, and we believe that it is the responsibility of everyone in this country to ensure that future generations receive a basic level of education.

With a percentage of the profits of Mandela Tea going directly to the Mandela Day School Library Project, Cape Tea Co highlights its commitment to linking South African business and sustainable education.

Cape Tea Co also works also with several Cape Town based NPOs. In 2015 we provided funding and assisted with a crowdfunding campaign to build a new kindergarten in the Olieboom Township, Philippi. This vital preschool helps the township’s children to learn the basics they need to equip them for school. We raised money to help purchase gumboots and raincoats for the children, and we attend regular volunteering days in the township to help contribute toward the kindergarten’s upkeep, and to spend time with the children. Volunteering with our groups whenever we can allows us to observe the effect education has on lives, and see how it empowers youngsters and adults to take control of their own destinies. 

We regularly donate funding, assist with feeding, and spend time with homeless people in the CBD area, and aim to partner with an NPO in the near future.

Our country’s progress depends on how we provide for our children, and how we tackle the issue of inequality. Cape Tea Co will continue to promote and directly improve the levels of education in South Africa, to help everyone move towards a more equal society, where everyone has the opportunity to empower themselves, and to pass on this gift to others in need. With every box of Mandela Tea you buy, you’ll be helping to increase funding that will help to provide what is a sustainable future for the youth of South Africa.

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