Celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday

mandela 100 birthdayNelson Mandela is deeply connected to South Africa’s international identity. To the world, he is an icon, but to South Africans he is Madiba. He represents the best parts of what we can identify in ourselves — courageous, strong-willed and, above all, caring.

This man has meant so much to so many South Africans, and has for decades been an inspiration to those who work for a better world. We celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday on the 18th July.

Although he is no longer with us the significance of his actions continues to inspire and elevate us.

Here are some ways that we can honour the centenary to his memory.

Support the Youth – we have the 16th June to commemorate Youth Day

Madiba ended his Youth Day speech in 1996 with this message to the youth “The future is in your hands. Build it through hard work today.”

Now, in 2018, our youth are more vital than ever in creating a South Africa that we can all be proud of.  But the youth of our country is at risk and need help and support to reach their potential.

For Mandela’s 100th birthday take a moment to consider how you can pass on wisdom, skills and experience that you have to the younger generation. Positive role models are the most valuable thing young people can be exposed to. Be one.

Give the Gift of Reading – “The Nelson Mandela School Library Project”

Reading is a vital developmental skill, and Nelson Mandela was a champion of reading and literacy with good reason; children raised in homes with books are more likely to graduate from school and university than those who do not have access to literature.

This is the reason we donate a portion of the profits from Mandela Tea to “The Nelson Mandela School Library Project”. Take time on Madiba’s centenary to read a book to a child.

MANDELA DAY 18 July – Donate to a charity of your choice

Everyone can make a difference. By supporting people and organisations who have spent their lives working for change, they need your help! In contributing to them you will see the effect that your support can have on the world.

There are many activists and champions who have established worthy causes. Consider where you’d most like to see changes in our country and donate to one of these organisations that is fighting for that change. Here are some of those that we have supported, but I’m sure that there are many more that can be added to the list, feel free to promote your choice to our page. https://www.facebook.com/AfricanSunrisevolunteers; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loaves-Fishes-Place-Of-Renewal/

Be the change you want to see.

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